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Getting Initiated 

+Initiation A, B can be done individually or in group.
+Duration of Process A, B is approximately two hours if done individually and if done in group, the duration depends on the group size. Process C is done is always done in group.

+ Duration of Becoming an Initiator /Facilitator  10 hours + Practice hours depending on the group size.
+Anyone can do the process.

+Language , Age, Gender, Caste is not a barrier.
+Prior knowing of any healing modality, meditation etc. is not pre-requisite. 

Time period required between the Processes:
1.           Between Process A & Process B – 7 Days (so anytime from 8th day)

2.           Between Process B & Process C – 14 Days (so anytime from 15th day)

3.           Process C shall happen once in three months.

4.           Master Reconnection Initiator’s Training - You can facilitate others in Process A & Process B after 14 Days. The training will happen once or twice in a year.

*Process C and Training is done by the Master Channel Sonia Mackwani.

* Recommended to do Process A, B, C within 3months.

IMPORTANT NOTE for former Master Partners (those who have done their initiation and training before 2023)

+ All the Master Partners who did the training before (when Process C and Training was done together), as per the new channeling and guidance, you are to take the new training to continue to initiate others. 

+Those who have completed B years ago, suggestion is to get initiated in B again before getting initiated in C. 

+ One can undergo training  whether one wishes to initiate others. It will be for personal knowledge and deeper understanding of the wisdom.

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