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Initiator's Training

After Process C Initiation, one can become an Initiator by learning to  initiate others (in A and B) in the training. It is not mandatory to become an initiator though. Many do the training to understand oneself deeply and learn the tools to further integrate the wisdom in their day-to-day lives.  The training provides practical and experiential lessons on the fabrication, metaphysics and design of the cosmos and how uniquely we are a part of it, what is our role and what are our values as a responsible initiators.  Know that Master Reconnection is termed as an initiation process than  a healing modality.  It is for Self-Evolution first however one does learn tools to heal others. 

One must at least keep a gap of a month to get into the training after being initiated in C.


Duration of training is  8 to 10 hours depending on the size of the group. Home practice with your fellow initiators and then circle time of an hour or two to discuss the experience and clarify the queries. After 14 days of Certification of Completion, the Initiator Master Partner is eligible to initiate others  in Process A and Process B.

Master Reconnection Initiator's Training happens twice a year and is always done in groups by the founder channel Sonia Mackwani

For those who have done their training before 2023, please read the new guidelines  for continuing to initiate others in the Important Note section on Getting Initiated section.



Part One 

Meta-Quantum Landscaping 

You learn three important key concepts - Quantum Point, Quantum Brain and Spiritual Penciling. Each of the subject leading to a deeper understanding on what happens when one initiate others and uses Master Reconnection for healing self and others. You learn very closely how to make your intentions and how to draw your intentions on paper.

Part Two 


Here you learn how to initiate others. You study the importance of the instructions, linguistics, intentions, voice modulations, silences and more.  You learn the significance and meaning of all the symbols. And how to organize your Master Reconnection Initiations. 

Part Three

The Practice and Integration Period 

You initiate your fellow Master Partners. This is done during the ongoing training and if the group is big then a week is given to initiate after the training in a week. Post that, a circle is organized to share the experiences, address queries  and certification of completion.  After 14 days of training and integration, you are eligible to initiate others. 

IMPORTANT NOTE for former Master Partners (those who have done their initiation and training before 2023)

+ All the Master Partners who did the training before (when Process C and Training was done together), as per the new channeling and guidance, you are to take the new training to continue to initiate others. 

+Those who have completed B years ago, suggestion is to get initiated in B again before getting initiated in C. 

+ One can undergo training  whether one wishes to initiate others. It will be for personal knowledge and deeper understanding of the wisdom.

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